What do you want from Internet Marketing?

If you are expecting or wanting to get rich overnight, retire tomorrow, money by the millions, needing a wheelbarrow to make your next bank deposit, etc. etc. you need a healthy dose of reality.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of Internet Marketing spiels out there that say you can do any and all of the above by pushing a button, following a system, or just buying some specific piece of software. The truth is, even if these things have contain some semblance of success, it ain’t nearly as easy as they make it sound. People are too quickly caught up in the marketing hype, blazing sales letters, glorious testimonials and general bandwagon to really think about the offer objectively.

First, consider this how factual these offers likely aren’t. If I am making $18,000 per month/day/hour or whatever my sales pitch says, let’s consider the situation for a moment. Why would I be trying to sell you my idea for $7 or $77 or even $777? I would be inviting competition in droves. My resource of gazillions of dollars would dry up in days or months at best. Of course, unless, I left out some very important steps. Little tidbits that you would have no idea are missing, unless you saw exactly what I was doing. Maybe I’m making the stated amount, but it’s from selling the system instead of actually making money using the system I’m selling. If what I am saying is true, giving you the info for 50-500 bucks is just plain dumb. Rich people don’t get and remain rich by making dumb decisions.

But, you say, this guy has made so many millions he just wants to give back! I saw it right on his website! Right. You are the target audience, just keep eating that BullSchlitz up. If someone *really* wanted to give back, it wouldn’t cost a dime.

A couple of points I’d like to make:

First, making money in Internet Marketing is not easy. Yes, you get to sit at a desk, but you still have to work at that desk. I have so many friends/family who think I just sit around and play on the computer here and there and the cash just rolls in. Now, you may get to the point that you have developed some properties, methods and grown your knowledge to the point that daily work and maintenance is very light. This does happen quite often for people who stick with it. BUT, that is after months/years of trial and error, research and learning and lots of stuff failing or not making much money along the way.

Secondly, the guberus are usually simply full of Schlitz. People who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. This is not always 100% true, but with all the self-promoting gurus online, it’s pretty close. These guys make more money off selling products than they do using the products themselves.

Finally, I need to say what I wish I would have learned a long time ago. An ounce of experience is worth a pound of info from someone else. If you get an idea, STOP and put it into action. Then go back to learning, researching or whatever. Forget what different people are saying. Besides, in almost every topic of Internet Marketing, you will find conflicting views and info from people who swear they know what they’re talking about. If something makes sense to you, give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, you will learn from it anyway. You carry this knowledge and experience straight into your next project.

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